Dante's Inferno Stealing

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Parents are constantly reminding their children of the consequences they will face based on their actions. In school, students are constantly aware of dealing with the principal if inappropriate actions are performed. But where did this concept originate? That would be the Italian poet and philosopher Dante. According to a biography from A&E,“Before his death in 1321, Dante flourished as an author. Known as the father of modern of modern Italian”, Dante released his epic poem, The Divine Comedy which ignited a new twist in literature. The Inferno was an interesting piece for Dante. He used his own experiences to explain the outcome of them if he did not repent. The epic poem takes the reader through what Dante believes Hell is like.…show more content…
So why do people continue to do it? The punishment for stealing far outweighs the reward of the item. In Dante’s Inferno, the thief is first stripped naked. After that he or she is thrown into a pit full of snakes. Once the thief is bitten, they are incinerated, meaning they are burned. If the sinners had known this would be the punishment, readers would like to think that stealing would become unattractive. Although that seems reasonable, knowing the consequences make the crime that much more intriguing. For Robert C. Scroggins, an author for the Medical Economics, theft is most likely to occur when there are three motives present; “pressure to steal, rationalization of the potential theft, and opportunity or perceived opportunity to steal”. Often times, thieves are struggling financially and are unable to come to any other conclusion than to steal what they need. Scroggins also believes that, financial pressure and greed are also key motives when it comes to stealing. When people steal out of greed, they are no longer stealing out of necessity, but out of pure greed. Greedy people are blinded by the materialistic item and don’t see the severity of the consequences as an

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