Fifth Circle Of Hell In Dante's Inferno

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In Dante’s Inferno, Dante who then encounters the ghost of Virgil, have to go through the nine circles of hell in order to reach Heaven. Through each circle they see the people who have committed sin and their punishments. Each sin had a different punishment depending on how bad the sin was. Most punishments went with the sins, but others didn’t. The sins that fit their punishments were the wrathful and the sullen, violence against neighbors, and for the thieves. The fifth circle of hell was where the wrathful and the sullen stayed. It contains the river Styx, a very swampy cesspool where they were always fighting in the mud. This punishment fit them because they couldn’t manage their anger in real life. The sullen were submerged in the black tar river, choking. That fit the sin because they had never enjoyed their freedom, so they were now forever stuck in the river. Being a wrathful and sullen person is certainly not something that another person would like. So much negativity is never good.…show more content…
For their punishment, they were to spend an eternity in a river of boiling blood. That punishment fit them because they created unnecessary violence towards others. Violence like murder, is definitely one of the main sins and even in today’s society. It showed that during that time period, they believed violence as sinful. Times certainly haven’t changed since people still believe that. In the eighth circle, pouch seven, that is where the thieves stayed. Their punishment was them constantly looking for a home, for their soul, because their bodies were constantly stolen and taken over by snakes. The punishment certainly fit that sin because they had stolen in life, and had no respect for property. Just like violence against neighbors, stealing still remains to be considered a sin today. It showed that people during that time, really valued their
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