Daniel O Connell: The Catholic Emancipation Act

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On April 13th, 1829, an act, known as The Catholic Emancipation Act, was passed by Parliament. This was an event that changed Irish history, and could not have been achieved if it was not for Daniel O’Connell. O’Connell’s role in the passing of the Catholic Emancipation Act was not only extensive, but necessary. After the Act was passed, O’Connell could legally join Parliament, and he fought for liberty for the Irish people from the British Royalty. O’Connell had many successes while in office, and worked, just as promised, to gain liberty for the Irish people, thus earning himself the title of “The liberator” and “The Emancipator.” O’Connell was a sort of Martin Luther for the Irish Catholic people, he worked for freedom, and achieved most…show more content…
This man, who was invaluable to the Irish people, was a simple celt, who was born into a well respected family, on August 6th, 1775. He studied in France to become a lawyer, but this came to an abrupt stop, as a result of the French revolution. During his career as a lawyer, O’Connell was challenged by many british colleagues, one of which went so far as to try and ruin O’Connell’s reputation. Sir Robert Peel, was one of the most outspoken opponents of the Catholic Emancipation Act, and noting that O’Connell was one of the most outspoken contributors of the Catholic Emancipation Act, Peel was not fond of O’Connell. O’Connell is a hero to the Irish people, and his motivation to fight for more rights for the Irish people, came from the injustice he witnessed. He developed a strong contempt for the British, and the lack of respect and rights that they had for the…show more content…
He requested justice for the Irish people and religious toleration for the Catholics in the Speech on the floor of the House of commons in 1836, and argued his cause in Parliament, never giving up hope that freedom would one day be granted. Word of O’Connell’s actions spread across England and Ireland, earning himself the endearment of “The Irish Liberator” and “The Emancipator of the Irish People.” Daniel O’Connell was an Irish-Catholic, who witnessed the British injustice towards the Irish people, and therefore, fought to change this cycle, ultimately creating a better England and Ireland. Throughout Irish history, the British have always had the upper hand, taking control of Ireland, and imposing their unwanted power on the Irish. Many people have spent a lifetime attempting to start what O’Connell started and continued in a short period of 37 years. His work is not only vital, but unforgettable. If Ireland were to forget who started their path to freedom, they would lose their freedom and much much

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