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“If I did it”: “I was soaked in blood and holding a bloody knife, with Goldman and Nicole dead in front of me.” This is how O.J. Simpson describes himself in his book after brutally stabbing both Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or an average guy on the street, crime can still be committed and still be charged in the same way. O.J. Simpson was a famous football player who killed two people, and Joseph Simpson was a bus driver who killed one person. They both committed murder in the first degree and were both charged accordingly. Both of these murder cases had DNA technology involved to solve the crime. The crimes were both committed in 1995, and were not solved until many years later. The Joseph Simpson…show more content…
Tons of evidence was found in the O.J. Simpson case, while very little evidence was found in the Joseph Simpson case (probably due to the fact that O.J. is a famous football player so it had more publicity and more priority). The evidence found in the O.J. case included trace evidence such as hair and carpet fibers consistent of O.J.’s hair and the carpet in his Bronco. Shoe prints were also found that matched the size and type of shoe that O.J. was wearing. O.J.’s blood was found at the scene from having an open wound on his hand, including the gloves he wore to commit the crime. Also, Nicole’s blood was found in the bronco and at O.J.’s home. Another piece of evidence, in a sense, was the book O.J. wrote, “If I Did It”. In the book he says (before the killing occurred), “Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can’t tell you how”. This was used as a confession for O.J. for committing the crime. In the Joseph Simpson case the only evidence that was obtained was a granite rock used to kill the victim with his DNA on it, and a cigarette butt that had his DNA on it. The little bit of DNA found in the Joseph Simpson case was enough to get him convicted in the end, as compared to the O.J. case which took an abundance of evidence over twenty years to convict

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