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Law is one of the most complex and thought-provoking subjects in contemporary culture and, therefore, it would be a fascinating experience to study it at university level. I have always enjoyed working logically and considering information objectively, utilising my critical reasoning skills to find solutions to challenging problems. I wish to pursue a legal career to make a positive contribution to the justice system in society, representing those fighting cases to ensure the fairest outcome. I am inspired by cases such as that of Sally Clark, in which a miscarriage of justice resulted in three years of custody for an innocent woman who was wrongfully convicted of killing her two sons. I have undertaken first hand work experience at a well-established…show more content…
Depriving dangerous and violent criminals of their freedom makes them pay a debt to society for their crimes whilst providing justice for the victim. Experiencing the basic and deeply unpleasant prison conditions prompted an interest in the process that ended with the people being there. I visited Burnley Magistrates and Crown Courts and witnessed a range of trials, absorbing the details of the proceedings and reflecting on the roles of the various people in the courtroom. A particularly interesting case was that of a young man who had been charged with dangerous driving and ABH section 47. To avoid the case going to trial, the Prosecution made a plea bargain with the Defence to drop the dangerous driving charge in return for a guilty plea to the other charge of ABH. This made me reflect on the complexity of decision making in the courts system and the consequences of the evaluations lawyers make on the lives of those they represent. Seeing legal dilemmas and negotiations first hand fuelled my ambition to practise law

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