Charles Creon Tragic Hero

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Through Creon’s words, he shows the four characteristics of a tragic hero: being good, appropriate, life-like, and consistent. He also experiences the three stages of a tragic tale: hubris, anagnorisis, and peripetio. These are the ways of how Creon went through the phases of a tragic character. Creon shows the four characteristics of a tragic hero. A tragic hero is a character in a work of fiction who commits an action or makes a mistake which eventually leads to their defeat. One of these heroic qualities that Creon presents is goodness. He was relatable. “It seems that prophets . . . fortunetellers” (5.42-45). This shows that Creon had good, rational reasons for his laws and punishments. The next one is appropriateness. Creon tried to be manly and very clever. “No, from the very beginning . . . in alleys” (1.127-130). This shows that Creon has too much pride. Another one is life-likeness. Creon was realistic. “Oh pity! . . . My son!” (Exodus.117-119). This is where Creon had a change in heart. The last one is consistency. Creon did not drastically change. “It is hard . . . fight with destiny” (5.109-110). This shows the confidence of Creon, and his stubbornness. Creon experiences the three stages of a tragic tale. The first one is hubris, or excessive pride. As Creon says to Antigone, “And yet you dare…show more content…
This is when Creon develops a new self-knowledge and tries to fix his mistake. When the messenger tells Creon that, “Haimon is dead; and the hand that killed him is his own hand” (Exodus.22-23), and, “She stood before the altar . . . her closing eyes” (Exodus.120-125), Creon realized that he was at his own fault. As Creon says, “It is right that . . . Lead me in” (Exodus.129-132), and, “I have been rash and foolish . . . my pride to a thought of dust” (Exodus.142-146), this shows how he finally acknowledged that he had let his pride take over for the worse. Creon’s tragic flaw, hubris, caused this

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