How Does Nicodemus Punish Jesus

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THE DECISION TO CRUCIFY JESUS In conference with Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea was inspired with the idea that, if they could only convince the Great Sanhedrin that, by having Jesus “hung on a cross,” then the scripture in Deuteronomy 21 would apply to him – that Jesus should be considered to be “hung on a tree” and, therefore, “accursed by God” - and, thereby, Joseph and Nicodemus should be able convince the Great Sanhedrin to demand that Jesus be crucified. How could anyone follow a Messiah who was obviously “a false prophet” and “a sorcerer” who was clearly “under God’s curse?” Joseph and Nicodemus only needed to convince the Sanhedrin that, if the scripture stated that “anyone hung on a tree was “cursed by God,” the law of…show more content…
Joseph explained to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and John the intense desire of the Great Sanhedrin to seize Jesus and to put him to death, and that the only way that Jesus and the Essenes could avoid that certainty would be to “fake his death in order to save his life.” Joseph elaborated that the normal death sentence for “blasphemy” – with which Jesus was charged and sentenced to death by the Great Sanhedrin “in absentia” – was stoning, but if Jesus were to be stoned, there would be no way to save him from death. Joseph explained: “The only way to save Jesus from certain death would be to have him placed under a powerful anesthetic – “Mandrake” - nailed to the cross for a few hours while standing on a little plank of wood – known as a “suppadaneum” - and sitting on a little stool – known as a “sedile” - and then create the impression that Jesus had died on the…show more content…
The plan was to have the Druid, with his light complexion, crystal blue eyes, golden hair, and bright white robes, (the guards will have never seen anyone with a light complexion, crystal blue eyes, and golden hair!) who would then roll away the stone from the entrance of the tomb, and then sit upon the stone. Mary Magdalene would exclaim: “An angel!” And, thereby, suggest to the guards that they were witnessing “an angel who had come down from heaven.” The Druid would then tell Mary Magdalene and the other women – while the guards were staring and listening - that: “Jesus has risen from the

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