Disobedience In 'Tales Of Wonder From Many Lands'

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Disobedience is viewed by most people with disapproval, but it is a very common theme in stories. Why is disobedience persistently used in stories? What are the benefits? Such characters can sometimes be seen as caring and protected by their peers. However to what extent is this true? In many children stories, disobedience causes many problems, especially for the characters in “Tales of Wonder from Many Lands.” So what are the negative consequences of disobedience? For many characters in “Tales of Wonder from Many Lands” disobedience causes great suffering that could have been avoided. There are a few reasons: First, disobedience can result in the lost of friends and family. Secondly, disobedience almost resulted in death for Snow White.…show more content…
This was the case in the story “ Little Red Riding Hood” in the story Little Red Riding Hood is told to go straight to her grandmother's house with the cake and wine. On her way she is stopped by a wolf, not realizing what she did, she give the wolf directions to her grandmother's house. The wolf rushes to her grandmothers house and tricks the grandmother to think he is Little Red Riding Hood. When he went in the house he swallows the grandmother whole. Soon after Little Red Riding Hood arrives and notices differences in her grandmothers appearances. She then gets swallowed whole by the wolf, now that the wolf's belly is full he climbs into the grandmother's bed and falls asleep. While snoring the woodsman hears him and comes in to check and sees the wolf on the bed sleeping. The woodsman cuts the wolf's stomach while he was sleeping and frees Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. While the wolf was still sleeping, with his stomach cut open they fill his stomach up with stones and sew his stomach back up. Little Red Riding Hood similar to Snow White was put into a situation where she thought the wolf was harmless and put others in

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