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1.In the conversation with his son Creon makes it clear his inflexibility and arrogance and he does not take any advice from his son. His son, Haemon, tries to reason with his father in order to free Antigone and avoid offending the citizens who side with her.Their formal conversation breaks into a bickering and accusation. In the conversation with Antigone, Creon does not listen to what she has to say because he does not believe her and he does not listen to her because she a woman. I personally think the conversation that has the most impact on Creon, is the one when he talks with the blind prophet, Teiresias. Teiresias, is the personification of fate itself. His character emerges as powerful and admirable, and he does not back down when…show more content…
Thinking of what Teiresias said, Creon has a conversation with the Chorus, which tells him to believe what Teiresias says because he’s never lie to the city, implying that his prophecies always come true. After that, Creon takes the action and tries to do something to change the situation. 2.I think, the message to leaders is not to be selfish or close minded but, as in Creon’s situation, to listen to others advices and not to be ignorant. Creon as any other human makes mistakes but the real mistake is when he knows it is wrong but is too blinded by himself to see it. He thinks he’s higher in everything, and I think he does not listen to anyone else in order to not feel weak or inferior. 3.The critic that helps understand better the play is “From Polis and Tragedy in The Antigone (1999)” by Philip Holt. It helps me understand why Antigone plays the role of heroine and stands up alone against the authority, relying on her own heroic temper, and Creon representing “The state” or the power. Holt compares also the story to modern times and that is noticeable when he says, “The state to us means a nation-state with extensive powers over the lives of its citizens and an expensive apparatus of bureaucrats and police to enforce its dictates”. This statement leads me to understand that Antigone figure, was the one that today would be mine, or the entire population, fighting for our rights against these “States or Policies” such as Creon

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