Dead Heroes By Gary Soto Analysis

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SMOOTH OPERATORS is a comedy with heart. The concept of pretending to be doctors at a medical convention to meet eligible doctors has merit for a romantic comedy. It’s a nice set up for humor, conflict, romance, and character transformation. The idea that the protagonist is trying to recover from a broken heart fits nicely with the idea of a heart convention. The story is driven by solid themes about healing, grieving, learning to follow one’s heart, and believing in one’s self. The goal is clear and the stakes are personal, although they do get into a situation that puts them into danger. The two main female characters, Tina and Rainey, are likable characters and it’s easy to like them and root for them. They have the potential to make for solid comedic characters. With that said, the…show more content…
She adds some fun humor. She’s a free spirit. Her voice is consistent with her personality. However, saying things like: “When you start letting guys stick it in” doesn’t come off as very funny. It’s a bit crude sounding. She has her own arc when she realizes she wants to go back to school to become a nurse. Paul is a bit dry. He has a nice backstory with an over controlling mother and the passion to be an artist, but he’s not a very exciting character. When he learns the truth about Tina, his dialogue sound on the nose, “Why would you lie to me?” Big Tony is presented like a typical mobster that has been seen before. He’s underused in the script and doesn’t add much to the overall plot. He never feels like a threat. Zeta is predictable as being shady. She’s definitely fun, but a bit cartoonish. It also seems unlikely that Zeta doesn’t have a picture of the real doctors. Also, be careful of making the girls too immature (or cartoonish). Helena is a lot of fun. She’s suspicious and it’s amusing to watch her warn Tina. Unfortunately, because the script goes in a different direction, she’s not used as fully as she could be for the

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