Meaning Of Me Vs. Animals, By Benjamin Percy

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The title of “Me vs Animals” has two different meanings. Benjamin Percy uses the “vs” to convey both confliction and similarities between the two. The “vs” originally sets up a conflict or pits both sides against each other. He uses the word in order to show the difference between “me” and the “animals” (or animalistic behavior), yet also as a comparison between both. The story achieves the idea that the author is no different than the animals with the essay concluding with “[I] look beyond the mirror and envision a cage, an animal panting and snarling in its far corner -- but I could only see myself” (cite). The other use of “versus” has a connotation of comparison. Percy is comparing his own humanity to that of animalistic instinct; my humanity versus the raw instinct of animals. He finds that they are not so dissimilar, and actually share many common traits.…show more content…
He writes about his experience with animals and the coming to terms with his inner animalistic behavior. Me is a personal word that connects with everyone. In a broad way Percy is using “me” to connect to a wide audience. Most people use “me” as a descriptor when writing or talking about themselves. When seeing the title “Me vs Animals,” the reader makes a personal connection to the story, maybe even revealing the ways that they themselves fit this mold of

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