Antigone Vs Creon Analysis

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1: Throughout Antigone, it shows many lessons and tragic stories with one being the discussion between civil law and moral law. Antigone and Creon are very different people with very different beliefs. When Polynieces dies, Antigone is required by law to keep her brother un-buried. Antigone disagrees with this and wants to bury her brother but, with Creon being her uncle, he follows civil law and is strong minded to this situation. Antigone followed her beliefs knowing the consequences and what might happen. This did not stop Antigone though, she believed in moral law. Creon, is very close minded, he would start to have consequences much worse than Antigone. With Teiresias warning Creon by saying “The sun won’t run its course for many days…show more content…
Creon took a fall with not having the respect from his people as being the king. "Your people are beginning to question your judgment and are beginning to side with Antigone." (Scene 2, Lines 256-257) People started to doubt Creon and his decision he was starting to make. Tragic Heroes are supposed to have many flaws about them, Creon fits this role very well. He has the flaw of misjudgment and arrogance. His error of judgment comes to the fact when he starts to pass the proclamation without any support from the others and just on his own beliefs. By the end, Creon starts to realize his flaws by saying “Oh it is hard to give in! But it is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride." (Scene 5, Lines 93-94) Creon is now realizing his own mistake and states that “it’s hard to go against my stubborn pride”. I believe that Creon was somewhat responsible for this tragedy. He was very stubborn with the people and only say his point of view. As Creon starts to identify his fall, the title of “tragic hero” explains his struggles and the person he has…show more content…
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