Creative Writing: The Sniper

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Chapter one Cell had never seen a girl like that attack someone quick. He asked, “who are you?” The girl said nothing and put her sword up, and still had Cell’s sword. Cell ran quick to see Sky and Jett. Sky was sitting down putting her hand on Jett’s arm that was bleeding a lot. “I think he will live but we need to heal him before it gets infected,” Sky said. Cell nodded but in a sad way. Cell said “Sorry, if i protected you this would---.” Jett punched Cell weakly. “Don’t say nothing like that! Your a warrior right so be one,” Jett said and smiled. Cell shook his head. The girl walked near Jett and place a diamond on his hand. Sky saw and she knew what the diamond was. The girl…show more content…
Cell ran to another room and opened it . He saw a girl with a sniper. She was awake. “Oh the newbie finally woke up,” she said. Cell was surprised that a girl has a sniper. Cell asked “where am i, and wheres Sky and Jett?” The girl smiled , "you’re at our hideout and your friends are at the training room." Cell said, "what is your name?" The girl shook her head and went past him a left the room. Cell followed her outside but she was gone. Then he saw the girl that he saw the first time, outside, sitting down near a tree. Cell walked near her and said, " Hi." The girl stood up and said ," hi, you finally woke up." Cell nodded. "Well good"she said. Cell saw her dark hair turn into very bright gold. He never seen a girl’s hair turn into a different color. “Thank you for saving us,” Cell said. She smiled and said, “ I wouldn’t let you leave not knowing the reason why we killed the people.” She showed a drawing of the people they killed. The girl with the sniper shouted ,“Hey guys!” Cell turned around and saw that girl he saw in the room with her sniper. The girl said said, “Oh hi Rin.” Cell was surprised that a girl who can shoot in an early age. “How’s the newbie doing in the first day,” said

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