Comparing All The Pretty Horses And Wuthering Heights

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Nick Jones Ms. Tanksley AP Literature October 18, 2014 Comparing Wuthering Heights and All the Pretty Horses Although Wuthering Heights and All the Pretty Horses address how one cannot escape inevitable evil or “sacred violence” that is based on human nature, Wuthering Heights comments on the constant lingering of evil that overshadows all other actions, similarly to how All the Pretty Horses discusses how a purely naïve and romantic individual cannot live in a world controlled by evil and sin in order to illustrate the “sacred violence” and inevitable evil deeply rooted in human nature. Wuthering Heights is a novel based around the evils of a certain man and the effect he had on the lives of those around him. Heathcliff is often referred…show more content…
It seems as if Heathcliff was not properly adjusted to these societal morals, or that he was broken from the bonds of intellectualism and sophistication throughout his harsh upbringing and hardships. He finds his inner lust for revenge and dominance and exacts his power upon the various occupants of the Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross grange. Heathcliff is noted to have had “animalistic” behaviors before Catherine’s death, but it is a noticeable tipping point sanity wise when she is lost soon after childbirth. It seems as if Isabella and Linton are distractions – and later – just pawns in his plan to take over the entirety of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. It is obvious that he never truly got over the loss of Catherine and he is still motivated by his lust and desire to be with her. In the meantime, while still living, he has made it his mission to achieve and maintain total domination of the two estates. This is because his societal morals have been destroyed and overrun by human nature and his ultimate pursuit for dominance after the loss of his true love Catherine. The other…show more content…
A young and somewhat naïve man like John Grady – stuck to his “cowboy code” – is nearly eaten alive every step of the way out in the uncivilized world. He is tired of the bonds of ranch life and decides to find his own adventure by traveling to the ‘even more’ West, Mexico. Relatively untouched by the chains of the American government and sophisticated way of life, it offers John Grady a chance to see what truly governs the wild, human nature. He cannot survive based on his ethics alone. He can’t win by “fighting the good fight.” He is dominated by men (and women) who subscribe to a more natural way of thinking. A way of thinking that involves inevitable human evil and bloodlust; and those men and women are the leaders of this land for that reason. As John and Rawlins arrive at La Purisma, they are greeted with this primal aggression. Instantly they are cast as scapegoats for the town to relieve its repressed hostilities. Alejandra uses John Grady as a pawn in her immature and youthful rebellion; Rocha allows the arrest of the two men as virtual whipping boys for his daughter; Alfonsa battles against John Grady to exorcise her of her own past horrors. John Grady and Rawlins, innocent in their youth, still believe that two members of different communities can merge harmoniously and without

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