The Old Mosaic Covenant

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The Covenant “A covenant made with God should be regarded not as restrictive but as protective.” Quote by ’Russell M. Nelson’ Is" The Covenant" more personal than a contract —does it involve loyalty and allegiance between God and mankind? The etymology of the word covenant is b'rit, in Hebrew it means covenant, pact, or treaty, in Greek covenant is diathēkē, meaning covenant, a disposition, and an arrangement. In ancient times gifts were often given in some cases monuments were built as a reminder of the covenant. Covenant today is a legal binding contract, oath or vow made verbal or documentation. The word covenant occurs 292 times in the King James Bible. This research will show God’s ‘Covenant’ with mankind in the Old…show more content…
God call Moses from a burn bush to deliver His chosen people the Israelites out of bondage. Moses stood for God warning Pharaoh to release the Israelites. God through Moses pressured Pharaoh many plagues and curses and also disease and death finally in fear of God’s almighty power insist that Moses take the Israelites and get off his land. God performed many miracles along their journey the parting of the red sea, water from a rock, manna for food that dropped from the sky. The people were not happy with the living conditions and mer-merd and complained. “Covenant of Works” is conditional in that the Israelites while in the wilderness before Moses went up the mountain Mount given stick instructions by God through Moses over and over again and was warn each time to sanctify their selves and obey the Word…show more content…
There on the Mount God gave the Ten Commandments. The Mosaic Covenant was centered around God's giving His divine law to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Mosaic Covenant is especially significant because in it God promises to make Israel “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exodus 19:6). The Davidic Covenant is unconditional covenant made between God and David. A promise of a Messiah through David’s direct blood line. God does not place any conditions on David for the fulfillment of this promise. The Davidic Covenant centers on several key promises that are made to David. First, God reaffirms the promise of the land that He made in the first two covenants with Israel (the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants). New Covenant between God and the followers of Jesus Christ. Unconditional Covenant. All who believe that Christ came into to the world not to condemn but so the world would be reconciled back to Him and be saved and receive the gift of eternal

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