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Costa Rica "Command and control corporate structure is out. Collaboration, decentralization and empowerment of small groups and the human spirit is in and is functional.”(Said Elias Dawlabani) This quote tells how economies of countries are changing to day. For the country of costa Rica is that it may be a miniature country, but it packs a powerful punch. There are lots of ways a country is run today but Costa Rica became its own province in 1821 in Latin America. You might say this country is too small and it is hard to make money there, or that the economy is dreadful, well it’s not let me explain to you what Costa Rica really is. Costa Rica is a wonderful gorgeous place in Central America that borders the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean…show more content…
Investors are attracted to Costa Rica for it’s because of its political stability the education levels are very delightful. Something that interested me is that Costa Rica made its education free and for college and universities are half as much as in the states according to “Costa Rica's Education System.” Some weak things about Costa Rica are that it lacks go infrastructure, high energy cost, low investor protection and more. One of the two largest problems for cost Rica is its high poverty rating and rising debt. It has a really low domestic revenue problem that greatly hurts it economy. According to “CIA world fact book” the poverty is around 20 to 30 percent. From all this, costa Rica has a high standard of living due to the fact there government places education and healthy living really high up for its people. According to “cia World fact book” Costa Rica’s government sustained it’s spending 20 percent of the GOP annually. Costa Rica has inflation, yet that does not mean that it has a bad economy by any means at all. Costa Rica has come a long way so far with supplying its people with

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