Corruption In The Middle Ages

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Another reason why the Middle ages are known as of being unlovely is due to the corruption by the church. During the middle ages, the Roman Catholic Church shifted its focus from devotion to money and luxury. Most of the members of Church were illiterate. The popes used unfair practices to get things done. Members of the Church were not true to their own religion. Firstly, Church members were living in a very luxurious way. This evidence shows, that the church officials were misusing their power to lead luxurious lives. The members of the Church used all the money of the Church for their own benefits rather than using the money to help others. They used corrupt methods to pay for these lavish lives. The church members told its people that…show more content…
In addition, most members of the church were illiterate. As a result, many church officials hardly knew how to perform ritual or sacraments in the church. The church officials were supposed to be highly educated in order to run the church but during the middle ages, the church officials rarely knew how to perform basic religious services. Furthermore, The pope used excommunication to get things done. Since, the pope had the highest power he felt he could do anything. The pope officially excluded monarchs from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church so that the monarchs would start obeying and following them. This was an unfair way of getting things done. The pope used his power in all the wrong things. Moreover, Priests and nuns even after making vows to chastity broke them. Thus, members of church like the priest and nuns broke their vows of chastity by engaging in sexual activities, which resulted in them, having children. These were illegitimate children who could be made legitimate by issuing a document from the church. Members of the church themselves were not keeping up to what they swore. Therefore, the moral and economic corruption by the church was another reason why the Middle Ages were known as of being…show more content…
This faith made people work and gave them purpose to live. Christianity promised that the people would have a better tomorrow and that if they did good deeds, they would go heaven after they die. Enlightened Romans had served as teachers, lawgivers, builders and administrators. This evidence shows as the people who were enlightened had various different jobs. That meant that after getting rid of all the sufferings, the person finally attains enlightenment and finds his purpose in life. Christianity provides a sense of belonging for those who feel they are worthless in life. After the person got enlightened, he is pure and wants to start fresh. It is like a rebirth. In addition, Christianity promises afterlife. Thus, people who followed Christianity mostly did good things because they know if they do bad things in their life, they will face eternal suffering. So Christians, helped people and wanted a better life for everyone, which made them good. They were so devoted in this faith that they did all the good things to be a true Christian. Moreover, Christianity provided people with hope. For this reason, no matter how hard the day has been, Christianity always makes them wait for a new day. During the middle ages, there were so many brutal deaths and pain. There were so many battles and wars but the people did not loose hope. They kept on surviving

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