The Pardoner's Tale Church Corruption Essay

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Wrong Intentions in Church There are people who go to church to praise God for what he has done for the world. There are some people who go to church just to destroy it. Church use to be a holy place people could go, but now it is not because the Devil could walk through the door. Some churches have so much corruption in them from the pews all the way up to the pulpit. So how can people listen to what the preacher and anyone in the pulpit are saying when they do not practice what they preach. Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Pardoner’s Tale, shows how much corruption or lies there are in churches. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Pardoner’s Tale to show how greed and corruption in church officials from the pew all the way up to the pulpit were during the…show more content…
He evenly openly declares he cares nothing for the welfare of humanity and instead only cares about luxury and wealth. His tale perfectly show both how much he is entrapped by money and greed and exactly what the consequences of greed are. In his tale, three drunken buddies go off to pursue a murderer they heard of called Death. They learn that Death is actually a pile of gold by a tree. So the two of the three friends plot to murder the third in order to acquire all of the gold for themselves, while the third friend plots to murder the other two at the same time for the exact same reason. The end result is that the two friends successfully murder the third, but then die themselves after drinking the wine that had been poisoned by the third friend. In other words, their greed for gold kills them all, which is exactly why the gold was given the name Death. In this tale, the greed for gold also represents the church's own greed for gold and its unavoidable corruption on account of this greed as seen through the pardoner eyes. If greed is all in the church from the pew on up to the pulpit why do people go to

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