John Williams Veertigo Analysis

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In 1982, the well respected director; Steven Spielberg was able to create a film that marked the peak for the revival of the classical film score along with the help of its composer, John Williams. The film was so well embraced by its critics that it won numerous prestigious awards, which included the Academy Award for Best Original Score and three Grammy Awards for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, Best Instrumental Composition and Best Instrumental Arrangement. Lastly, E.T. ranked 14th for one of the greatest American movie score of all time by the American Film Institute, right behind Max Steiner’s King Kong (1983) and Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo (1958). The musical style of John Williams is inspired the 19th century’s large-scale orchestral…show more content…
In order to keep the theme of childlike innocence, John Williams’ use of orchestration was greatly intensified in moments of astonishment and excitement, while keeping alarming sounds that conveyed concern and demise very lightly. Two examples from this are the scene during Halloween night and the scene when Elliot is next to the motionless body of E.T. First of all, in a trick-or-treating scene, a bewildered E.T. sees a familiar sight, a costumed Yoda, and begins to repeat the word “home!”. During this scene, playful music is heard they go outside. In addition, Yoda’s theme from The Empire Strikes Back is quoted and then developed (Hickman, 2006). The Empire Strikes Back is a recurring musical theme composed by John Williams, which is originally performed by London Symphony Orchestra, conveys an emotional expression that firmly fits into E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Second of all, in the scene where Elliot is allowed to spend a few moments alone with E.T.’s body. Elliot says his farewell but as he leaves, he sees the flower (geraniums) return to life, indicating that E.T. is alive. Quiet and somber music intensifies this tearful scene; E.T.’s theme is played by the celesta and then by a solo clarinet. Furthermore, the music then turns to joyful as Elliot notices the flowers. Clearly, John Williams is able to successfully intertwine many of the films themes that general listeners are able to fully enjoy. His musical style was able to create film that resonates not only among children and families of all ethnicities but as well as movie and musical critics all around the

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