Coronary Disease

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Participating in a sport is beneficial to an athlete in several ways. To succeed as an athlete, it is important to practice proper self care. The athlete learns how to make their own decisions and be capable of figuring things out on their own. Social skills and competitiveness are very good things to have as an adult living by themselves or trying to get a job promotion. Active involvement in a sport with teammates really helps the athlete become a better person. This gives the athlete communication skills and an understanding of how to be a good teammate as well as a good friend. This could help the athlete have a good mind and know hot to treat people with respect. Parents will get a benefit of this because kids and teens need to respect…show more content…
Coronary artery disease and stroke will decrease highly if the world makes their body more of a priority. According to the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, “approximately 40 percent of deaths related to coronary artery disease are related to inadequate physical activity, obesity, stress and raised blood pressure” (Cohen, How Does Playing Sports Affect our Health?). Coronary arteries are shaped like tube that allow the blood to flow freely. The walls of the artery are silk like and very smooth. Coronary artery disease starts at a very young age. Before the teen years, the tubes start to get built up with fat. As you get older, the fat increases in size causing injury to the artery walls. Other substances that travel through these walls such as blood cells, proteins and calcium stat to stick to the walls. The fat that is built up combines with these substances and forms plaque (Coronary Artery Disease-Overview). This is caused by the over excessive amounts of fat built up in the vessels. By playing sports or other physical activities, this will never become a problem because of the fat you are losing during the activities. Overtime, the plaque will get larger and larger thus becoming a problem to the body. The symptoms that may occur are, shortness of breath, faster heartbeat, dizziness, extreme weakness, and sweating (Coronary Artery Disease-Overview). Participating in sports will decrease coronary artery disease by not letting too much fat enter the

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