Conquering Coupons

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Conquering the Budget with Coupons Struggling with your household budget since prices keep going up and up? How can you continue to purchase the products your family consumes? An increasing number of families are depending on coupons to extend their budget, by using them to purchase products well below retail price. Couponing does require a significant amount of time to accumulate coupons, organize them, and plan shopping trips. Initially, you will need to collect coupons before you can start conquering your budget. Companies ordinarily distribute coupons for their products through the Sunday newspaper; these are called coupon inserts. The quantity of newspapers you purchase is influenced by your family size and stocking piling desires. Couponers tend to buy multiples of the same product to get the lowest price, therefore creating a surplus of products or a stockpile; to do this you must buy multiple newspapers because coupons are restricted to a one time use. A family of four typically purchases two newspapers every Sunday to support budget needs and build a small stockpile. Neighbors and friends are usually willing to donate their “junk mail” or…show more content…
It is important when clipping them to keep the barcode and expiration date visible. Cutting the barcode could make the coupon unscanable, and most stores will not accept a coupon with an unscanable barcode. Meanwhile, you will need to determine what is best for you, when it comes to storing the coupons. Since couponing has become more popular, you have several options to choose from: pre-made binders, coupon totes, or file systems, which you can find online or in most stores. Decide if you want to organize them by expiration date, product name or category. A great couponing system relies on up to date organization of your coupons. Focus on expiration dates and product exclusions because this will help prevent confusion at the

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