Confirmatory Factor Analysis In Test Studies

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3.7 PILOT STUDY Pilot testing is a meaningful practice in survey instrumentation, as there are essential improvements that could be made through all the stages of the process (Andrews et. al., 2003). Conducting a pilot study provides a researcher the opportunity to assess how effectively the research instrument was designed. Because the survey instrument is the means of collecting the information that the study intended to receive. This procedure could help in determining the changes with respect to overall format and structure of the research instrument. In this study, a pilot survey was conducted with a sample of 50 students of the universities selected for survey. With the results obtained, a confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to…show more content…
This analysis provides assessment of the theory measured by using the empirical evidence of the validity of the items based on overall fitness of the model and the construct validity (Hair et al., 2010). A measurement theory refers to a set of theoretical, systematic, and logical assumptions that suggests path between underlying constructs and items. The construct validity is the fundamental requirement for testing the theory further (Carmines and Zeller, 1979; Steenkamp and Trijp, 1991). Hence, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) is used as a standard measurement of construct validity to make sure that the theoretical meaning of a construct is empirically captured by its indicators (Bagozziet al., 1991; Steenkamp and Trijp,…show more content…
b) Face validity refers to the measurement that items of a scale sufficiently measure the construct of interest. c) Convergent validity tests whether the independent measures of the same construct are highly correlated. d) Discriminant validity tests whether the constructs deviate from other operationalizations for which the construct is theoretically distinctive. Before conducting the pilot study, content validity and face validity of the instrument was assessed through research experts and eminent professors in the area of study (Hardesty and Bearden, 2004). Then a pilot study was conducted among fifty respondents. With the data collected convergent validity and discriminant validity were assessed using confirmatory factor analysis (Anderson and Gerbings, 1988). The results are shown in the table 3.2. Table 3.5 Confirmatory Factor Analysis Variables Chi Square Value P Value GFI AGFI CFI RMR RMSEA No. of Statements Before CFA After CFA Behavioural Intention to Adopt Mobile Commerce 29.636 0.249 0.984 0.963 0.991 0.037 0.025 7 5 Perceived

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