Disadvantages Of Loudspeakers

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ABSTRACT The “SMART JAMMERS” is used to reduce the nuisance caused by mobile phones in silent zones and it can be extended in automobiles to prevent drivers from talking during driving. Traditionally ideas employ the use of jammers in silent zones. A major drawback of jammers is that a person can’t be accessed even in case of emergency. Added to that people create nuisance with loudspeakers from their mobiles. The project aims to incorporate an additional circuit within a mobile with a receiver to lock keypad and loudspeakers. Transmitter circuit is placed in zones requiring silence. This transmitter circuits send signals to the receiver within the mobile which when properly decoded locks the keypad and loudspeaker. When the same…show more content…
This can be done by incorporating additional relay circuits inside mobile phones which is controlled by the signals from microcontroller. The mobile phone should also incorporate an additional receiver which is solely meant for receiving signals for locking keypad and loudspeaker. The transmitter transmitting these signals is placed in zones requiring silence. 1.2 EXISTING SYSTEM: The existing system of jammers blocks total communication which makes a person completely inaccessible even in case of emergency. The existing system of jammers does not provide any immunity against the nuisance caused by mobile phones due to loud speaker. 1.2.1 DISADVANTAGES:  The person can make a call, send SMS, play games and listen songs while driving.  The person cannot be contacted for some urgent information also.  Nearly the mobile phone will be in Switch Off state.  There will not be any notification that the user mobile has been jammed. 1.3 ADVANTAGES IN…show more content…
Mobile use has increased so much that almost every person has one in his pocket and is also using it in restricted areas, where mobile phone use is not permitted. For example in temple, hospital, army area etc. To stop the use of mobile in these areas we made this device named smart jammers to prevent the use of Mobile in these areas. A smart jamming system for UMTS/WCDMA cellular phone networks for search and rescue applications [1] Recent statistics show an increase in environmental disasters, a fact which is also perceivable to the public as reports of avalanches, earthquakes and landslides mount in media coverage. This paper introduces one part of the I-LOV project, endorsed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In this project partners from relief organizations, universities and industry investigate enhancements to disaster handling and victim rescue. One possible option is to take advantage of the fact, that a lot of people own a mobile phone

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