Comparison Of Open Window And The Summer People

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Literary elements are vital in order to enrich and enhance one’s writing. Many authors such as Saki and Shirley Jackson use literary elements in their stories to add rhetoric or give the reader emotion and feeling. Some stories strikingly share similar literary devices and elements, yet they are used in different ways. Both Saki’s Open Window and Jackson’s The Summer People embody the elements of tone, situational irony, and foreshadowing to enable the author to convery his or her message to the audience. Although tone is incorporated in both stories to make the reader feel emotion, it is used differently by the authors. In Open Window, the tone transitions from serious to suspenseful when Vera’s story begins to appear legitimate to Mr. Nuttel.…show more content…
In contrast, the tone transitions from calm to dreadful when a sequence of misfortunate events occur to Mr. and Mrs. Allison in the The Summer People. During the beginning, Jackson introduces the summer house, the main characters, and the daily life of the characters. The tone gradually changes to dreadful when the main characters were startled to find their car and telephone tampered with, and that they have no heat or food. To make things even worse, the author includes a powerful storm that will come across the paths’ of the main characters. Situational irony is displayed in both stories to give a deeper meaning; however the authors use this irony differently in regards to nature. In Open Window, Saki utilizes dark humor through situational irony. The author meant Mr. Nuttel’s situation as comical and unexpected with a dark message. He travels to the rural British countryside to find relaxment, and he then becomes the subject of a false illusion. At the end when he runs for his life and nearly hits a cyclist. What is even more ironic is how Vera tells another romance of how Mr. Nuttel was once surrounded by a pack of wild dogs. However, Jackson employs situational irony with an ominous mood in The Summer People. The author provides details of how the characters’ car, telephone, and mail were tampered with. In addition, they have no food or kerosene for heat, because their car does not work. What is even worse is that a storm is coming their way. The irony is shown how they decided to extend to extend their vacation to finally relax, but they are waiting to die at the end of the

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