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During the Ancient Egyptian Civilization religion was a great aspect of life. The deities affected the lives of society and in the development of the civilization. Each deity had his or her own role in society by representing natural or social phenomena’s. The ancient Egyptians worshiped gods that guided them to the hereafter. Egyptians learned their values and virtues through their gods and goddess. The deities were beautiful and glowing figures that were much praised. These deities were feared and loved at the same time. These gods were described in human form having human abilities and emotions but also in other forms such as animals having powers one could only imagine. Ancient Egyptians in many ways related themselves to the gods and goddess they worshipped. Much of what is known about the gods comes from storytelling, textual evidence found on scripts, pyramids and tombs. One main god that the Egyptians worshipped was Atum, the sun and the creator god. He is one of the most ancient gods in Egypt. Atum indicates an ultimate state of perfection. Even though the “god of two lands” was worshipped throughout Ancient Egyptian by everyone, his significance and importance is more closely linked towards ancient nobles and royalty.…show more content…
Atum's religion cult is located on the city of Heliopolis (Lower Egypt). Atum was the head Ennead cult and he is part of a family tree of eight other gods. He was worshipped in the primary temple called Peraat (Great House) and in PerAtum. The Al-Masalla obelisk is where the temple of Re-Atum is marked by. His earliest records can be found through Pyramid Text and Coffin Text. Pyramid Texts are assortment of ancient Egyptian religious texts from the time of the Old Kingdom. Coffin Text’s are collection of ancient Egyptian charms or prayers between the Pyramid Texts and the Book of the

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