How Does The Squealer Use Power In Animal Farm

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Everyone wants power; one who has power can be in control of others and get a lot of respect. As a result, power is a very powerful thing. So what is power? Power is ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others .There is 2 different sort of power in the story. Someone use power being well, someone use power being badly. Napoleon has taken all the power on the farm. Other animal gives to him power is main reason which he get so much power. Even though Napoleon is powerful in the farm but actually he is not good leader. Squealer gets his power because he is a brilliant talker. Mr Jones gets his power because he is a former owner of the farm. I have learnt of things about those of characters caused terrible thing happened because they used power being badly.…show more content…
Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop-holes’’ this is quote from chapter 1; the former owner of the farm, Jones is a very heavy drinker. The animals’ rebellion against him after he drinks a lot that he does not feed or take care of them .then he tries to whip the animals into submission. We definitely get know that he's not up to his job because he used power being badly. Squealer is a brilliant talker. He explains that the pigs need extra comforts so that their brains work well enough to run the farm well; He tells them that if they do not do as they are told Jones will return. And He always has a couple of the dogs with him; he is clearly known what animal scared. Squealer is almost forces the animals to agree what he has said. it would be bad if the animals made the wrong decision, But the point of communism is that people get to make the decisions they make, whether good or
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