Allegory Of The Cave Comparison Essay

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After researching and watching the movie about The Matrix and readings over Descartes and Plato; it points out many differences but also similarities throughout. Plato and The Matrix have similar qualities because they both describe the characters in a world with which are receiving an illusion or difference sort of dream. The two with the most differences and similarities are the Matrix and Allegory of the Cave. Plato, Synopsis and the Matrix all old of stories that people were being deceived about the truth. They mentioned further that people were living in a world where they experience an illusion or some kind of dream. These illusions were like the deceiving pictures they were watching, or it was like the sight of the word which they believed…show more content…
He met Morpheus, the leader of the group of dissidents who was trying to help others see the true nature of the world. They believed that the world is an illusion, a system that deceived people and tried to keep them under control. He offered Neo a choice, either he forget he ever met him and go back living his old life and continued to be deceived, or he can followed Morpheus to find out what was going on. Neo took the chance with Morpheus. Neo found out that the entire human race is being controlled by a computer machine that has been keeping their bodies alive, and their brains are connected to cables. Neo began to experience fear, denial, and confusion. He accepted the truth with sadness, and confirmed that all of his life has been a lie. Neo tried to help others discover the truth about the Matrix, but many were not willing to accept the truth. Cypher taught that knowing the truth would make life better, but he now discovers that knowledge can be difficult to bear. He then tried to find a way to erase his memory to go back to his former state. He came to the conclusion that ignorance is bliss. On the other hand, according to Plato’s “’Allegory of the Cave,’ it would be justified for the chained man in the cave to try to free

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