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When Confucius was born in the small state of Lu in 551 BCE, no one could have guessed that the young man from a formerly aristocratic family could impact all of China with his words. Fights and skirmishes ravaged the lands once united by the Zhou dynasty, and Confucius decided that he could use words and philosophy to cease the fighting and initiate order and unity. He would travel the world, gaining the titles of philosopher, teacher, and political adviser, never knowing the true impact his teachings would have on all of China. His work is collected in the Analects, and it shows how he called for order and equality, and how to achieve them both. While Confucius did not think that order was better than equality, his work reflects that…show more content…
One famous quote of his that expresses this is: “Lead them by means of regulations and punishments, and the people will evade them and lack any sense of shame. Lead them through moral force and keep order among them through rites and they will have a sense of shame and will also correct themselves.” Since the rulers would be nicer and emphasize morality, the subjects would know right from wrong. Therefore, they would commit fewer or no crimes, leading to a more orderly and peaceful society. If a subject did commit a crime, moral values would likely cause them to never do so again. Of course, there may be a few exceptions to this. However, the society would still be orderly overall. Confucius did believe that order could exist, even if it didn’t currently exist while he was alive. China’s system of order did improve after Confucius died, albeit not entirely with this one idea of…show more content…
Equality is possible and important in smaller scales, like education. Rather than everyone being treated the same regardless of anything, Confucius believed that “in education, there should be no class distinctions.” He merely thought that everyone should get equal rights to education, which is a lot more believable and achievable than total equality. If everyone did get the same education, job opportunities would be more equal. This would lead to a more equal society, for the poorer people would have the chance to get better jobs. Although this didn’t quite happen, China did improve its equality in government, at the very

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