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How the government should spend its money is a controversial issue. Is the government budgeting its money correctly? No, when it comes to the budget it isn’t perfect; there is room for improvement. There are three main factions in the government’s budget. First, the big five deal with the most controversial issues. Second, the middle five deal with more things that affect us directly. Lastly, the little guys who deal with everything at the bottom of the nation’s budget. In each of the three budget factions, the U.S. Government should make adjustments in the way it is distributing money: changes involving the Big Five, changes involving the Middle Five, and changes involving the Little Guys. There are changes that should be made concerning…show more content…
The Middle Five is the faction the affects the people more directly and they only make up “ten percent of the entire budget” (Document D). Evidence declares, “Veterans’ benefits and services make up 2.7 % of the Middle Five. Veterans’ benefits include medical services and disability benefits. Transportation is also 2.7% of the Middle Five. Transportation contains construction, maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, and ports. Education is 1.8% of the Middle Five. Education pays for college aid, loans, special education programs, free lunch to students in need, anti-discrimination efforts, research, and special programs. Justice covers 1.5% of the Middle Five and focuses on federal prisons, the federal court system, and enforcement programs. Homeland Security makes up 1.5% of the budget and includes border patrol and immigration enforcement, Coast Guard, Secret Service, TSA, and FEMA” (Document D). To fix the Middle Five of the budget, the government should take money out of transportation and put it into education. It is wrong when a government gives more benefits to prisoners than students. Transportation is important, but isn’t educating future generations more important? Education is essential for the survival of the way the country works. The nation needs to ensure that future educations are erudite and ready to take over the country. “It is not surprising that budgeting is often a difficult, conflict-laden process” (Document A). The budget is exceedingly challenging to create. There is only so much money that can be spent on so many things. A lot of these things are for the betterment of the country and others are not as

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