Persuasive Speech About Vaccination

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Growing up, the moment I heard the word "doctor" I would freeze. Shots. A word that still makes me cringe today. While I dreaded that seemingly large needle and little pinch then, I have come to realize how beneficial vaccinations truly are. Vaccinations have prevented many different virus' and diseases that were once highly prevalent. Recently, vaccinations have surfaced in the news because of a recent outbreak of measles in the United States. Vaccinations were created to keep humans safe and healthy, without them the world would be plagued with disease. All children should be required to get vaccinated because they not only keep the child safe but the world around them as well. The topic of vaccinations has become a household conversation in recent months. Vaccinations were created not only thinking about one specific person but about everyone. They have prevented widespread epidemics from occurring. Many believe that it is their right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their child because the child belongs to them. While this is essentially true, this is a small-minded way of thinking. People…show more content…
My father has Common Variable Immunodeficiency. 'What is this?' some may ask. Well the definition from the Mayo Clinic is " is an immune system disorder in which you have low levels of several of the proteins (antibodies) that help you fight infections." While some that have this disease may have received this genetically, my father acquired it. The disease is non-curable and he will continue to live with it for the rest of his life. There are essentially 4 "parts" to your immune system, my father has none of the 4. Therefore he is constantly susceptible to any given virus and even disease. But this does not cover him completely. He can easily contract virus's or infections just from someone around him being sick. Don Coppo

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