Comparing Plato's Allegory Of The Cave And The Matrix

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Compare and contrast The Matrix with the readings from Plato and Descartes. What are some of the similarities and differences? This paper will explore the questions asked; can we say the world we are experiencing is in fact real? This paper will be exploring the similarities and differences from the readings about Descartes, Plato and the Matrix. The main theme in all three readings is the skepticism of what is reality. Descartes and The Matrix have similarities of what was real and what was not real. There was a comparison and a noticeable difference in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the Matrix. A comparison is that the life we are living is full of philosophical questions. Is true reality of our lives what we actually see and how…show more content…
In the Matrix there is a large computer system which controls everything in the Matrix. It is the source to reality. The computer controls the mind and perception of the humans by giving them information of what reality is like. Descartes believed that there was some sort of outside control of humans. He viewed it as an evil demonic source which was deceiving people. Plato also wrote about an evil force that made people zombie like which forced them to live inside a cave. These people were living a life of delusion not reality. These computers or forces controlled people and provided whatever humanity needed to be satisfied. Descartes viewed the evil force as one which did whatever necessary to create deception throughout the world and in the Plato writing it doesn’t gives us a reason why people are being deceived to think the cave is the best place to live. While the Matrix addresses the complexity of dreams. These dreams are what the world was created in and Neo shows of the challenges faced when trying to face what is actually reality. All three characters had to question what was real and they all three had trouble admitting that true reality was actually true. Where they living a dream within a…show more content…
In my opinion this question cannot be answered but it can be considered. In our own lives there is now way to prove what that the world we are living and experiencing is real. We can only prove what we can see and actually experience. So how do we know that we are not dreaming our reality? The fact that we wake up from our dreams proves to us what a dream is and what real life is. However from a spiritual view can we prove that our experiences are in fact real? In my opinion we can say that our lives are real through a spiritual viewpoint. The reason we can say yes is that we believe what God has said and written. We believe he created Heaven and Earth and everything that is in the two. The experiences we have were created by God and we believe that to be. God never tells us that we are living a dream or inside a Platonic cave. The fact that he tells us he is the ruler of all living things completely disregards the idea that computers could be controlling our

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