Comparing Odyssey And The Martian Chronicles

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When comparing and contrasting The Odyssey by Homer and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury you find yourself not only sucked in by the context of both novels in their differences but also by the similarities that they share. For instance both The Odyssey and The Martian Chronicles fall under the Pulp Fiction genre, are both hold aspects of fantasy with the characters in The Odyssey and the things that happen in The Martian Chronicles. Just like the basic characteristics that they share the ones they don’t are generic with, the location of both novels, one takes place on both Earth and Mars while the other takes place in many locations such as the island of Aeaea, the House of Death and so on. While The Odyssey is about a man, Odysseus,…show more content…
The natives in novel creatively kill off the earthlings who come in different ways. For example on page 32 you see that the natives on Mars became prepared for the third invasion of the humans by messing with their minds as soon as they land making them see their loved ones that they have lost, and fill with emotions as the humans go off with their “loved ones” to their own homes where they are put to sleep for life (dead). Though the captain of the voyage is weary at first about all of the 16 astronauts families being there when they land congratulating them on their safe voyage to Mars, he too falls under the martins plans as he goes home with his brother. While at night he has thoughts. “Sometime during the night, perhaps, my brother here on this bed will change form, melt, shift, and become another thing, a terrible thing, a Martian. It would be very simple for him just to turn over in bed and put a knife into my heart.” (Bradbury 47.) By the end of the chapter the allusion that the captain makes about dying comes true by the portrayal of 16 caskets being buried. The Martians native to Mars are also intelligent like Odysseus because they learn to communicate telepathically with the earthlings who are coming to their

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