Comparing Oceana To George Orwell's

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‘1984’ is a novel that is all about people becoming mindless automations, blindly doing what they are told, and believing whatever truths, or lies, that they are fed through the telescreens, essentially televisions with cameras, that are spying on nearly every building in the fictional country of Oceana. This is, allegedly, a warning of what could happen if things go on the same path. In terms of how the ‘modern world’ is doing in comparison to George Orwell’s 1984, I think that only a few things have come true, and while many comparisons can be made, Oceana is a very extreme and sensational version of the very simple things the United States government does to keep track of its citizens. One aspect of Oceana that many people like to compare…show more content…
People compare this to modern day ‘text speech’ in which is very similar on the surface. Phrases like ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ can not only be used in messaging on cellular phones, but is also very common on the internet and social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a host of other sites. The main difference that can be distinguished between these two ‘sub-languages’ is that newspeak is a language that is one hundred percent conceived by the government of Oceana (also known as ‘The Party’), while the shortened slang used on the internet, and that has no official name, as it’s is only slang. It isn’t really a language at all, and it is normally use in conjunction with normal, everyday, words. The entire concept of Newspeak is to limit the thoughts of the people by limiting what they can say, and, in extension, what they can think. That doesn’t really work in ‘internet slang’ because it was made by the very people who use it. If a new thought or concept needs to be conveyed through a short, brief term, people will simply create a new word for it. That is the very thing that stops languages from becoming

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