Comparing Lincoln Six Echo And Jordan Two Delta

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Imagine an ultramodern world where clones are produced in order to create “replacement parts” to live forever on. This is the world that is portrayed in The Island, where clones are raised in an underground microcosm to supply other humans on earth with body parts that they may need to continue living. However, two of these clones, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta, have different minds that allow them to escape this underground world and realize that they’re existence is solely to provide body parts to other humans. When they find this out, they do everything within their power to stop the one man who made this horrible reality and free all of the clones that are stuck in a pitiful and innocent existence. Michael Bay created The Island to show how…show more content…
When Albert Laurent and Dr. Merrick discuss the success of the operation to capture Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta, Laurent brings up his experiences in the Burkinabe rebellion, and mentions how he and his brothers were branded when his rebel father was killed to signify that they were subhuman. While capturing Jordan Two Delta, Laurent realized that her wrist had a brand as well, marking her as property of Dr. Merrick’s company. So, drawing connections between his experiences and Dr. Merrick’s work, Laurent states that “at some point you realize, war … is a business” and then asks Dr. Merrick when killing became a business for him. Dr. Merrick, incensed by his questioning, states that harvesting organs from the clones is not killing since they do not have souls. Dr. Merrick then continues to justify what he does by noting he will be able to cure childhood leukemia. However, when Dr. Merrick asks Laurent “How many people on Earth can say that” they have the cure for this terrible disease, Laurent cleverly replies with, “I guess just you and God” (“Quotes for Albert Laurent”). During this portion, the

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