Phony And Insanity In Hamlet

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In Hamlet, there is an issue of false and phony actions and feelings happening over a tragedy that has occurred. Hamlet, the main character, acts crazy to fulfill his duty and seek revenge for a tragedy that occurred. The story goes off of how Hamlet acts insane and how that acting insane completes him getting his revenge. He causes many things to happen because of his fake insanity including heartbreak, death, guiltiness, and a tragedy of its own. Hamlet’s false insanity is what causes this play to be a tragedy, not just because of the tragedy that causes him to act crazy but also because of the events that occur because of his fake craziness. Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, has been killed and King Claudius, Hamlet’s step father, has taken the crown of Denmark. Hamlet suspects that the king is responsible for his father’s death because of what the ghost of his father told him. The ghost of King Hamlet says, “..the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears the crown.” (Act I Scene V) The ghost has told Hamlet that the king is who killed him and also tells Hamlet that he must seek revenge for what the king has done. This is why…show more content…
Polonius has told the queen to be stern while talking with her son and he is going to listen to the conversation while hiding behind arras. The conversation gets heated and Polonius gives up his position. Hamlet stabs him thinking it is the king hiding but he finds out it was Polonius. This event right here is going to cause issues. When Ophelia, Polonius’s daughter, finds out about her father’s death, she goes mad. She goes so insane that she kills herself over struggling with her father’s death. I think Ophelia truly goes insane because she kills herself by drowning. I think only truly crazy people are capable of killing themselves. I do not think she is acting it out and is entirely

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