Comparing A Child Called It And The Lost Boy By David Pelzer

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It only takes few seconds to hurt someone but it can take years to heal. Children are born to be treated the way they should be. The two books “A Child Called “It”” and “The Lost Boy” are such powerful books talks about child abuse and neglect. It’s a book that inspires and motivates us to help and create a world without child abuse. It is based on a harrowing true story. The two books are written by the author David Pelzer which he explains the horrific experiences he had in his life journey. The first book A Child Called “it” is divided into 7 chapters and each chapter talks about specific incident of Dave from the ages of 4-12. The second book explains his journey when he gets rescued; the book is divided into 10 chapters. The author wrote his books using a narrative…show more content…
During the good days, the mother was a very loving, kind, caring who always made her kids filled with joy and warmness -whenever she’s beside them-she used to dress and cook best food. But things dramatically started to change as she started to become alcoholic and very lazy. Due to the alcohol she became mentally unstable as the father. Even her voice changed from a nurturing mother into a wicked witch. David was her only child that she started to pick on, as she started to play torturous games started from beatings to starvation to actions that no human would ever do on earth to its own child. His life turned upside down in such way that it became as enslavement, physical, emotional, and mentally abuse that taught him how to survive. Before the ending his parents get separated and he had to learn how to stay alive under the arms of the devil. She told him you are nobody but an “IT” she wished as he was dead, she stripped him of his own existence. The words made him very hurt and heartbroken because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Moreover, the second book starts with a

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