Compare And Contrast Malcolm X And Martin Luther King

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After centuries of segregation and abuse toward African Americans. Two opinionated, strong minded men, step up to take on the fight for equality. Malcom X and Martin Luther King lead the Civil Rights Movement. They inspired African Americans everywhere to fight back. Leading to sit-ins and boycotts all over the United States. But even with peaceful protests there was always violent retaliations. Blacks who marched, often where attacked with police dogs, high- pressured fire hoses and beaten. Blacks in the south were sometimes beaten and hung for no liable reason. The violence between the races was never ending. Malcom X was a human rights activist during the Civil Rights Movement. Malcom wanted to end all of the violence and prejudice against blacks. Although he believed in ending racism, he did not believe in integration. Malcom once said “You don’t integration with a sinking ship.” Meaning why would you want to be around something that is not good for you, and will eventually crash and burn.…show more content…
King on the other hand, had a different approach toward the movement. Martin was a humanitarian. He believed he could get his point across peacefully. No violence what so ever. Martin lead peaceful marches, sit-ins and boycotts. He deeply believed that “Non- Violence is the answer”. That it was a better approach then violent retaliations. Dr. Kings vision was to see white kids and black kids to hold hands and be peaceful toward each other. He believed in integration. He thought that everyone deserved a fair chance at a good education and deserved to be able to go into the same places with out a problem. He wanted to end white prejudice. Dr. King wanted an equal playing field for all. The only problem is that Dr. King may have been to passive aggressive. Violence may not be a good thing, but being passive about things isn’t going to get your point across. Martin was strong willed. He never got caught up in anger. He never lost sight in what he was fighting
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