Was It Ethical For Normandale To Sell The Alleged Knock-Off Products At A Lower Price

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Intellectual Property Law George Waller Argosy University 12 April 2015 Was it ethical for Normandale to sell the alleged knock-off products at a lower price? Explain. When considering the question of ethical concerns from a moral approach, the issue of Normandale selling “knock-off” products that were the same as those sold by Mathis, at a lower or price it is still unethical. According to the text, “Normandale sends photographs and samples of the Mathis line to CLA and instructs them to make an identical line at a lower price”. (Mallor, 2012) The evidence presented demonstrates that Normandale’s had already copied the products, therefore knowingly placing themselves in violation of intellectual property laws (COM, 2004). By…show more content…
It is based on a set of core values, which are: “integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability”. (Magloff, 2015). They should have integrity in all their dealings, including their vendors. This is accomplished by not committing patent theft. They should also respect theother companies and their products. If they are not able to make a profit from Mathis’s products, for example, they could find a manufacturer that is already making something similar (as long as the manufacturer has a patent). Performance excellence deals with a business performing at its greatest level, at all times. The main principle Normandale’s should incorporate into their company is accountability. They should hold themselves accountable for all of their actions. The person or business entity is the only ones authorized to reap the rewards of their hard work, unless they have licensed it to another…show more content…
Since Normandale intentionally committed patent infringement against Mathis, they can be held liable and be punished through criminal prosecution. Therefore, this case is has signs of illegal actions being performed by Normandales against the Mathis Corporation. Those that own the rights to patents are obliged to assist those that are gathering the information that pertains to their case. Only those holding patent rights will be able to show evidence of their ownership (American Intellectual Property Law Association, 2012). The patent holder must be able to show some form of proof that identifies the patent is

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