Barack Obama Leadership Style Essay

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Throughout, American history there has been a multitude of influential leaders who has brought fairness, freedom, and change to the nation. From George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and then 44th president of the United States of America “Barack Hussein Obama”.As the first African American to become president and inspire with the ideology “Yes We Can” motto to set American tradition. Obama steps up in the time of crisis and able to think and act creatively in a difficult situation. It takes a great man and women to run the nation but it takes a great leader to have the trust of the people and stay true to fulfilling the each promise. A leader represent many different forms and Obama represent more than one leadership style but a combination ,showing his adaptable and concern for the American people. As a man of change who has become a great leader in the USA.…show more content…
What is leadership? It explains as “the influential process of leaders and followers to attain an organizational goal…show more content…
Definitely, having a vision which will assist to set priorities and make us confident so that we will work hard in order to reach our goals. Barack Obama’s vision has enabled him to set goals and priorities such as the welfare of the US citizens, to be self –motivated and self- assured of what he was doing and inspiring others to follow him..Obama charisma, honesty and intelligence made him a unique leader. He believed in the slogan of “Change” which the American people wanted after the Bush

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