Pros And Cons Of Free Range Farming

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Free range farming is really one of two types of farming that exist in the world. The other is factory farming. Free range farming has, according to one viewpoint, many, many positive aspects about it. It may have some negative aspects as well. Free range farming, according to those that support it, produces food of better quality and taste. As the animals have space to run around they get exercise which takes off a bit of that fat, too much fat could cause a heart attack and lots more. The free range eggs would be way more fresher because that morning after the chickens lay the eggs they would collect them in the little hut and send them off straight away of to the supermarket. On the other hand factory farming would be overflowed…show more content…
There are around 30/50 chickens in a open free range farm which isn't crowded. On the other hand, factory farming does not allow animals to live in spacious environments. It is where chickens are stuck in a little cage and they can't move and they are fed just so they can produce eggs, Also the chickens beaks are chopped off because then they don't hurt each other by pecking at each other they have their beaks chopped off too because it is very crowded. On the other side of the argument, factory farming eggs are cheaper than free range farming because factory farmed eggs have a lot of chickens, yes alot there is about 1000/2000 chickens that's lots of chickens. Factory farming eggs are about $4 to $5 and the free range eggs cost $6 to $9 that's quite a big difference if you were saving up for a car or a house you probably should buy the cheapest eggs and then when you have got enough money then if you wanted to then you could buy the more expensive ones. If you have a forest next to your farm there could be trouble with wild predators such as foxes, raccoons or prey, free range chickens will be much more at risk. It's good because free range is partly inside a covered barn as well as

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