How Does Surfing Affect Australia

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The goal of my personal project was to create a poster on what has made Australia the surfing nation it is today. I chose Love of Learning as my Area of Inspiration because I am exploring the effects of surfing on Australia and how it affects our everyday lives. To achieve my goal, I will research four different areas around surfing and it’s effects on Australia and then create an A0 size poster. My plan for creating my product was to research and then to create the poster on PowerPoint and print. I needed to research the following things to achieve my goal: the history of surfing in Australia, about the beach and waves, surfing culture and surfing today in Australia. The first step I took was to research the history of surfing in Australia.…show more content…
It was surprising how much surfing influences us and we don’t even realise. There are so many surfing brands, bands, cities, towns and movies created because of surfing. My fourth topic to research was surfing in the 60’s and how it has impacted us today. I had planned to research surfing today but I couldn’t find much information on it and was unsure of how it would relate to my topic. The prime time for surfing was in the 60’s and is also when it really hit off. So many things happened then which changed people’s lives…show more content…
I also love watching professionals surf and reading about their amazing lives. My best source of information was Australia's Century of Surf by Tim Baker. It covered a lot of the history of surfing and the people who influenced it. There were many great photos, facts, interviews and research in the book, which gave it credibility. It helped me in my ‘History of Surfing’ topic and had a lot of information on different people and facts, ‘In 1904, Manly beach surf club was finally established’ (p.39). Another very good source of information was the website Surfing Waves. It has many information pages about the beach, waves and boards. It is reliable as it is written by professional surfers. This website helped me with many topics under ‘The Beach’ about how waves are formed, types of waves, surfing waves and beaches. ‘There are two main factors that determine how good the surf will be…’ (What Makes Ideal Surfable Waves). I also used the book Surf travel: the complete guide: the planet’s 50 most thrilling surf destinations by Chris Power. This source also gave me information about some of the most famous waves in the world. It was very helpful as it gave you information about the waves and the conditions ‘This bay has a mix of reef, sand, coral, tubes and open face, consistency and length’ (p.

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