Communicating In English: Flexibility Within A Norm

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In the article, “Communicating in English: Flexibility Within a Norm,” written by Mark D. Offner in March 1995 for the Bulletin of Aichi Institute of Technology. Offner suggests defining a standard English is useless, and idiom and transmissibility-factor which are beyond control determines form of English. The author argues that English has many shapes that have many special accents, pronunciations, grammar, and expressions, and forms of English adapted to the regional environment as necessary, so English has many directs. However, English become undigested language gradually. In addition, the author continues and explains that people who use English encounters lack of communication in English because of appearance of dialects, and the writer completes educated circle needs to standard English. However, the author expresses “Dialects naturally conform to the norm”. The reason is English has boundaries which fluctuates and flow while preparing readjust to usage. This is the “norm”, and people can understand reaction toward speaker with determining the having boundaries and…show more content…
There are many differences heritage, culture, attitude, and social environment in the world, so norm of English can be understood has quite broad. In addition, the author refers “English remains fluid and flexible within the norm is a healthy sign of a living, dynamic language”. Also, the author settles “English language imperialism”, because English is easily adaptable, so become international language, and another country influx of English into their tongues. The author insists that it is impossible to control changes of language when people try to retain the flexibility to adapt to new demands, because any vernacular use and confirm modern usage. English is changed, and provides new word with long age. Potter refer to language adapts itself to changing circumstances, and this flexibility is

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