Common Tactics In Volleyball

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In volleyball common tactics are serving, digging, spiking, blocking, diving, rolling, sliding and communication. Olivia Atria, as a setter, in charge of the offence. Setters serve, communicate and most importantly, set the ball for the attacker to hit. Typically they will receive a pass from another player, taking the second touch, and put the ball softly in the air at just the right height for an attacker to spike the ball into the opponent's court. They must decide which hitter gets the ball or to dump or pass the ball over the net on the second contact. The setter also must take into consideration the position of the pass, availability of the hitters and the other team's defences and decide a course of action in a matter of seconds. The…show more content…
Helps players to move into position, move towards the ball, quickly decide where and who to throw the ball to, and pass or shoot the ball with power or for a long distance. Cardiovascular fitness: The ability to exercise the whole body for long periods of time. Helps to play the whole game without tiring and maintaining speed, strength and focus until the end. Muscular strength: The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance. It helps players to hit and throw. Especially important for serving, spiking and blocking effectively. Muscular endurance: The ability to use voluntary muscles many times without becoming tired. Helps players move to the ball and to repeat quick actions like jumping and throwing for longer. Flexibility: The range of movement possible at a joint. It helps performers to stretch and reach further, receiving balls farther away. Body composition: The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle or bone. It helps sportspeople depending on the type of sport they play; volleyball players need a lean muscle for power (jumping, throwing, hitting) but not too much bulk so their agility and speed is not

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