Persuasive Essay On The Right To Guns

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James Garbarino, an author and professor, once said, “It is the access to guns that makes young males so dangerous, especially when they are troubled, angry, or somehow ‘crazy’”. Many people agree, but even more do not. Unfortunately, guns, homicides, and mass shootings ‒ while gruesome ‒ are a part of our world, whether we like it or not. The US has an amendment in the Constitution that gives the right to own a firearm to feel protected. While I believe that we should be protected, we aren’t talking about inaccurate musket balls anymore. I disagree with this Amendment, and I think that there should be a new law banning all rifles, shotguns, muskets, and other large guns, along with their ammunition. This is because these firearms are harder to use for…show more content…
Japan and Singapore are both in the bottom 7, and all three rank below 120. Those are excellent statistics, considering all three countries have fairly high populations and VERY high population densities. American gun laws do consider the common good. Currently, the Second Amendment states that everyone has the right to own a firearm. This gives everyone the chance to feel safe and protected. Conversely, according to Vici Media, when a group took a poll of imprisoned burglars, 40 percent said that they would rob a house, even if they knew there was an armed owner inside (Vici, 2018). Additionally, 40 percent of polled convicted felons said they would mess with an armed victim. Additionally, the ownership of a firearm puts many people in danger, especially as most homicide suspects take others’ lives for no rational justification besides the fact that they believe their own life is more important and others don’t deserve to live. This, of course, is not true, as all lives are equal, but some do not feel the same way and go to extreme measures to share their

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