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Austin Folsom Mrs. Toews English IV 30 April 2015 College Football Recruiting Want to play college football? It is every high school athlete’s dream to play college football according to “College Football Scholarships” about 1.2% of all high school athletes receive athletic scholarships per year. This lifelong goal finally became a reality at Northern State University in South Dakota. Aspiring athletes should understand certain components of the college recruiting process to give themselves a better chance of playing at the collegiate level. The recruiting process can be the best thing in the world one day, and the next it can make you want to pull your hair out. There are some crucial points in the recruiting process that athletes need…show more content…
During this time period schools will invite the athlete to come on an official visit. An official visit is when colleges can pay for you to be on campus. They usually provide meals and a hotel room for the night. The official visit process is the last thing that comes in the recruiting process for athletes. At the end of the visit the head coach will have a meeting with the prospect ,and say if they are offer a scholarship or not. The best feeling in the world is getting that scholarship. About 80,000 high school athletes go into playing college football every year according to “College football…show more content…
It all started out my junior year in the Spring. I started to get a lot of attention from various division one schools. Right from the get go I became really excited about getting interest from schools. The best thing I did to aid my recruiting process is to get my high school coach involved. My coach was a huge assistance in getting me out to various colleges. I would say I received a lot of interest due to the involvement of my coach. Time went on and I kept receiving interest from schools. I went to different junior days to check out the colleges and get a chance to meet the coaches personally. Junior days were huge for me to get a feel for college football. The next thing I did was sign up for summer camps. Those camps are a great way to prove your self in front of the coaches that are interested in you. One of the camps I went to I had a bit of a rough experience. I was at the camp playing very well, and the coach called me over. I was thinking to myself that I was going to get a scholarship offer, so I was all excited when he called me over. Turns out he called me over to tell me he can’t offer me because I am too small. I was pretty upset because the school that told me that was one I am very interested in, but I couldn’t let that get to me I had to let it be a way to prove people wrong.

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