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Overview This article analyzes the most effective ways of acute wound cleansing, debridement, and dressing to ensure the wound properly heals within little time as possible. One of the primary focuses would care is to take as many precautionary steps possible to prevent infection by cross-contamination. The second focus is preserving the living tissue in the wound that is going to help the patient with healing. The last focus is providing the most suitable environment for wound to expedite the process of healing and ensuring infection doesn’t take place. Analysis and Synthesis The three most common techniques for cleaning a wound are whirlpool baths/soaks, scrubbing, and irrigation. Of those three, irrigation with tap water or saline solution at…show more content…
The issue of scrubbing is the amount of discomfort for the patient depending upon how deep the wound is and provides a poor method of removing bacteria from the wound which raises the chances infection. By using mechanical contact to clean the wound, some of the live tissue may be damaged and some gauze fibers could get stuck in the wound culminating an inflammatory response thus further delaying the healing process (Beam 2008, p. 2). The possibility of infection is going to be eminent especially with open wounds which is why debridement must be done as soon as possible. Using a sharp debridement is the best method of separating necrotic tissue from live tissue by using a scalpel, scissors, forceps, and tweezers are the necessary for performing this method. Placing the patient in a stable position pronated, supinated, or seated is critical to making the patient careful to decrease the possibility of movement when removing dead tissue. By using these tools to remove necrotic tissue, it gives the athletic trainer the most precise means of removing necrotic tissue. After all of the necrotic tissue has been removed and foreign debris, dressing is now to be used. There is no particular dressing that is the best

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