Code Of Practice For Victims Of Crime Essay

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CPS national uniform standard of care for victims has resulted in the increase in success rate of prosecutions. Previously the CPS has been criticized for its lackadaisical approach when it comes to prosecution, which has resulted in a fairly low success rate. The CPS surveyed over 9,000 dropped cases in 1992-93 and they discovered that 43% were abandoned due to insufficient evidence. Consequently, The Code of Practice for Victims Of Crime, came into force on 3 April 2006. The witness Care Units merges the CPS and the police force and other criminal justice agencies resources together, in order to assist the victims and witnesses contrasting and complex needs. It is part of a nationwide campaign to increase the effectiveness of the CPS. It has recognised that the victim and also witness play an essential role in the criminal justice system. Under the new…show more content…
Key witnesses can now give evidence via video link, outside the courtroom. Key witnesses can also give evidence in private away from courtroom. CPS being better equipped, will result in witnesses feeling more confident and be willing to support the prosecution process. Therefore, it can be argued that the prosecution success rate has increased as a result of CPS practices. With a reduction in dropped cases capital and time will be saved on fruitless case. Therefore resources from both the police and the cps can now be directed towards effective practices, which will in a more effective and productive criminal trial process. On the other hand, the CPS can be described as being procedurally obsessive and bound by their Code, which leaves them unsure of decisions at times. In the case of Frances Andrade. Frances Andrade, 48, was left 'utterly traumatised' after giving evidence against Michael Brewer and his ex-wife Kay, and killed herself before they were convicted of a string of indecent

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