The Silence Grow Holder Analysis

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Finally, social and financial differences should not define the individuals you hang out with or the choices you make as Darry and Paul used to be very close, but the difference between them economically stripped their friendship away. Had circumstances been different, Darry could have been a Soc. Smart and athletic, he had once earned an athletic scholarship which would’ve enabled him to enhance his education. However, when his parents were killed in an accident, Darry decided to give all of that up in order to raise his brothers as a family. He became a Greaser. Paul Holden had been on Darry’s high school football team, and is in college. Darry and Paul used to be very close but after Darry left school, Paul dismissed him due to him having to work and being poor. They…show more content…
The intensity of this fight is presented through the use of literary techniques such as personification and ellipsis. In chapter 9, Hinton writes, “The silence grew heavier, and I could hear the harsh heavy breathing of the boys around me…” Personification is used, “The silence grew heavier”. The usage of personification creates a nervous, tense atmosphere, which emphasizes the importance of the rumble. When silence ‘grows’ heavier, it means the atmosphere becomes quieter, highlighting the pressure being put on Darry and Paul, as well as allowing the reader to identify the mood as being ominous. The tone of this is anxious as the writer, (being Ponyboy) is feeling concerned for the Greasers to win and towards his brother, Darry’s safety. Ellipsis is used in chapter 9 when, “They shouldn't hate each other... I don't hate the Socs any more... they shouldn't hate...” The extended use of ellipsis gives a dramatic pause accentuating the moment as it gives the reader time to think about the division between the two gangs and the absurdity of

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