How Did The Dominican Republic Received Their Independence

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How did the dominican republic received the independence? In 1821 the Dominican Republic declared their independence from Spain. The Haitians(After they received their independence) invaded their neighbors and occupied the territory for more than two decades. But the Dominicans never accepted the Haitian rule and on February 27, 1844, Juan Pablo Duarte-considered the father of the country led a bloodless revolt and claimed back the Dominican autonomy. Fearing another Haitian invasion they submitted themselves back into Spanish rule. But the Dominican people never accepted the role, and after four years of armed revolutions they expelled of the Spanish armies troops in the act called the War of Restoration. In 1916 US President Woodrow Wilson sent Marines to where they occupied for for years while protecting them from the Spanish. After they defeated the Spanish they gave The Dominican Republic their freedom. How Does The Dominican Republic’s government system work…show more content…
Their Legislative Branch consists of the upper house and the lower country. In the upper house you have the Senate with 32 members, elected for a four-year term in a single-seat constituencies. The lower house there is the Chamber of Deputies which consists of 178 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation in accordance to each province, as follows: one deputy is elected for every 50,000 inhabitants plus fraction exceeding 25,000, but never less than two. In the Judicial branch you have the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court are the judges that deal with the worst cases. There is also a Executive branch, the positions within the branch are President and Vice President. The president is the person who runs the country, and the Vice President is there to help make decisions, write laws, and sign stuff. The current President is President Danilo

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