Foreign Direct Investment Case Study

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In the last two periods, foreign direct investment (FDI) in emerging countries has become more and more important to have direct investment in developing countries in attracting substantial and rising foreign investment more and more success. However, empirical research is lagging behind, and have more trouble finding these advantages in practice. The most obvious is that a large number of application documents have already seen foreign direct investment on the relationship between GDP growth, but their performance has been far from conclusive. Although there is no strong conclusions, some strange thing is, most countries continue to vigorously implement policies aimed at encouraging more foreign direct investment inflows. Both Northeast and…show more content…
Target: 1. To check the impact of foreign direct investment, the relationship between economic growth in Indonesia. (B) Relationship between exports of goods and services between economic growth, Indonesia's import. 3. To investigate the relationship between Indonesia inflation and economic growth. 1.3 Problem Statement Economic growth is made up of many, one of which is foreign direct investment (FDI) is present in the country to decide. Investment and economic growth, foreign direct relationship between the number of studies. Chowdury and Mavrotes (2006) pointed out that, by explaining the relationship between the four main channels were studied: (I) determinants of growth factors (ii) foreign direct investment; (c) transnational corporations in the host country (abroad ) role of business, and (iv) the direction of the causal relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth…show more content…
The end result will be used to attract foreign investors believe that the government of Indonesia and appropriate appropriate policies and hoped that the results can provide information to the reader FDI interesting. 1.4 Major Research Many books and on foreign direct investment and development, not only in the country forward, such as Central Europe, most of the papers focus on third world countries. In fact, foreign direct investment has become an important issue in most developed countries, to develop their strategy in creating a large social welfare around the world. This study has the purpose to see the impact of foreign direct investment in foreign direct investment in Indonesia's economic growth may or may not give the best benefit of the national economy Situation Research. Joint study on foreign direct investment comparison, because it is at the level of sub-national provincial level data obtained using the data, the data from this study and become unique. In addition, the study also seen how other independent variables including exports, imports and inflation affect Indonesia's economic

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